About us

        Mark Wirlen is a cosmetic brand, created jointly by Ukrainian and Italian masters in 2016.
Mark Wirlen is made in Italy near Milan and specializes in making decorative cosmetics, as well as skin care products.
        Mark Wirlen has built many years of experience in the field of cosmetic products and the creativity and inspiration of make-up artists who work directly on creating an image.
        Only ecologically pure products are used for production, according to the high quality standards of the European Union.
        Unique formulas are developed with the help of innovative technologies and raw materials of the highest quality.
The Mark Wirlen team creates and refines products for eye makeup, lips, eyebrows, and faces.
All products are tested
        Stability, compatibility and functionality at the design and development stage to ensure high quality for every consumer.
Production and all laboratory studies are taking place in Italy.
The headquarters of Mark Wirlen are in Ukraine.
+38067 668 24 48
Ukraine, Lviv, vul. Zelena 35