Foundation Porcelaine. Series Invisible, 30 gr

Foundation Porcelaine. Series Invisible, 30 gr

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About Me : The basis of the creation of all products The long experience in the field of making cosmetic products, the creativity and inspiration of makeup artists who work directly on creating the image of the Woman. Every product is designed to make everyday makeup beautiful and affordable for every woman.

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Foundation PORCELAIN

Lightweight tonal with medium coverage. Can mask some skin imperfections.

  • The composition includes components that:

  • Moisturize the skin.

  • Stimulates collagen synthesis.

  • They have an antiseptic effect.

  • Promotes healing of skin prone to rashes.

  • Contains hyaluronic acid.

And components that protect the skin from drying out and premature aging.

The newest formula, which allows you to stay makeup throughout the day, does not include the content of the SPF factor. Free of parabens and nano gradients. Suitable for daily use.

The main rule for choosing a foundation is to use a probe on the line of the cheekbones of the face, and not on the arm, as inexperienced sellers most often advise.

To find the perfect foundation for very fair skin, check out our online product catalog. In the company's catalog, you will find a wide range of creams of the highest quality, corresponding to the main selection parameters:

  • Ideal safe composition without allergic components.

  • Long-term fixation on the skin.

  • No unwanted shine on oily skin due to mattifying effect.

  • Light and a pleasant aroma.

  • A variety of shades for the summer and winter seasons.

  • Professional products from a trusted manufacturer.

The first foundation was developed back in 1936. The inventor of such an indispensable tool in the cosmetic bag of a modern woman was Max Factor. Since then, cosmetic cream for skin defects has gone through many metamorphoses, which made it possible to offer consumers a great variety of textures and shades for any type and skin tone.

Our online store offers you to get acquainted with the product items of the Mark Wirlen brand, presented in an intuitive catalog. We sell products of our own brand, guaranteeing customers consistently high quality for a long time.

Regular customers note the following advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • Huge selection of good creams

  • Certified products of the highest quality

  • Affordable product prices

  • Delivery of creams throughout Ukraine

Do you want to make a purchase or clarify which budget foundation for fair skin is right for you? Contact the specialists of the online store at the phone numbers indicated on the site.

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