Vanilla Haylayter

Vanilla Haylayter

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About Me : The basis of the creation of all products The long experience in the field of making cosmetic products, the creativity and inspiration of makeup artists who work directly on creating the image of the Woman. Every product is designed to make everyday makeup beautiful and affordable for every woman.

About Me : Profesional cosmetics Mark Wirlen daє mozhnivіst zamoviti original cosmetics on-line. Кваліфіковані Manageri допоможу вам підібрати якісний косметичний a product for an affordable price. On the site, you can easily create a deposit. For zruchnostyi klієntіv delivery of goods zdіysnyuyutsya stretch 1-3 dniv in be-yaku point of Ukraine recommended delivery services: - Nova poshta, - Ukr poshta, - Mist Express. Delivery zdіysnyuetsya schodenno z 9.00-18.00 year, krim vihіdnih. If you pay up to 16.00 a year, the goods will be dispatched on that day. For izoblennya zamavlennya dostatno zdіsniti kilka udost krokіv: vibrate the goods, press the button "Buy" і formalize the deposit in the basket abo by phone.

Mark Wirlen highlighter is 3 different formulas created to shine the skin. Vanilla, Dark Vanilla, Love Coffee time pallet.


Each formula is unique and satisfy the needs of the most demanding makeup artists and makeup lovers. It’s possible to get the effect of the perfect shiny smooth young fresh skin of the face with the help of highlighters from Mark Wirlen.

It’s recommended to use in evening make-up and during the work with the camera.


How to apply?

The easiest and most convenient way to apply highlighter is with makeup brushes. Preferably it’s applied with dry brushes, but when you use wet brushes, you can create the effect of reflecting skin.


Color - Vanilla, for light skin

Weight - 6.5 grams


·  Easily applied with a brush or cosmetic sponge

·  It is difficult to overdo the application of color

·  Shades that are suitable for different types of appearance

·  Does not emphasize wrinkles

·  Does not emphasize the pores

·  Has a long-lasting effect


Shimmer Mark Wirlen fully copes with its task and even more. This is a useful thing that can create fabulous illusions and the result makes you believe in them!


Want to become a beauty expert in just a few minutes? If you still haven't used highlighter, which has become a must-have in the cosmetics bag of a modern fashionista in the last few years, it's time to get acquainted with this product.


To begin with, it is necessary to understand what product is it and what it is used for.


Highlighter powder is a universal cosmetic for the face and other parts of the body. Its main purpose is to "attract" light rays, reflecting them favorably.


Its main advantages are:

·  Giving a natural but delicate glow to the skin.

·  Used for facial contouring.

·  One of the best products for "anti-aging makeup".

·  Safe formula of natural, hypoallergenic ingredients.

·  Great palette of shades.

·  Suitable for any skin type.


The main rule of proper contouring is to darken problem areas and highlight beneficial areas of the face. The highlighter powder is used for the last task. In addition to the above, its use will hide wrinkles and adjust the relief of different skin types, giving it a healthy glow.


This product is also really useful if you want to make your eyes visually bigger, giving the look of mystery and expressiveness. With it, you can visually make the nose a little smaller and emphasize the eyebrow line. The versatility of the highlighter is difficult to overestimate, but its proper application requires practical skills. Don’t think that the first time you use this product, you will achieve the desired result.


There are 6 main areas where highlighter application is important. Their choice is based on the goals pursued by the makeup artist or you, if you are creating the right makeup.


Highlighter powder: price in Ukraine.


You should buy cosmetics only in trusted online stores with uncompromising integrity, proved by positive customer reviews, which the company Mark Wirlen is today. We have been working in the field of sales of our own brand products for many years, which has allowed us to gain the trust of customers throughout Ukraine. The clients regularly apply for our products from different cities of the country, becoming regular customers, due to a number of undeniable advantages of the company:


·  A wide range of products in the catalog.

·  Affordable prices for highlighter powder.

·  Prompt processing of orders.

·  Delivery of products to Kyiv, Lviv and any other region of the country.

·  Optimal conditions for payment.

·  Buyers can be consulted by professionals.


Are you interested in highlighter powder, the price and quality of which will pleasantly surprise you? Visit the website of our online store, select and add the product to the cart. If you have any questions, you can ask the store managers by contacting them at the specified phone numbers. We will provide the most useful information and help you order products if you have any difficulties.


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